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We offer a full range of of production and post production services at affordable rates. Please contact us for package and contract discounts. Non-profit discounts also available.

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We offer a full range of duplication and order fulfillment services. Our short run duplication is very cost competitive. Our DVD and CD order fulfillment is done at no cost to you.

Post Production Services

Video Editing
Color Correction
DVD Mastering
Graphic Design
Motion Graphics Animation

Audio Sweetening
Mix to Picture
Sound Design
Music Composition
Studio and Location Recording

Production Services

We offer a full range of production services.


Web Design

Order Fulfillment Services

We place a button on your web site that allows users to purchase your CD's and DVD's. The order comes to us and we ship the items at no cost to you. Every month we will send you a check for the entirety of the sale price of your product. We simply charge the buyer a shipping and handling fee. $4.75 for for DVD's and $4.50 for CD's.

Duplication Services
DVD duplication
CD duplication
On Disc Thermal Color Printing
On Disc Thermal Black Printing
DVD media - Silver Printable
DVD media - White Printable
CD media - Silver Printable
CD media - White Printable

DVD Case
CD Case
Paper Sleeve
DVD Case Insert

Quantity discounts

For combined duplication and order fulfillment contracts the first 50 units must be paid for. Beyond the first 50 units the duplication price can be deducted from sales plus a 15% fee.